The wretchedness of block quarters, the urban environment (typical for Eastern Europe), the agony and joy of humans – as if the generation born in socialism would leave the mainly totalitarian system behind having the same visual thoughts and would consider the present -thought to be freer – under the same criteria.

Producers arriving with the new wave of Romanian filmmakers seem to always see the same thing: ruined block quarters, strange social conglomerates between people and a seemingly stupid reality in which the Renault-maked Dacia must be pushed in the same way as in the old days. Then there is also place for the intimate moments of block quarters: well-kept climbing roses in front of a poverty-screaming building, a rainbow over the tent offering discounted products, or the Christ from steel guarding the blocks. Tamás Hajdú’s pictures clearly show his origin on the globe: it captures the parts of the country that truly characterize the countryside.

His photographs were published by The Gurdian, La Republica, Vice and many other press products, and were awarded with various prizes of professional recognition. His photographs are a kind of transition between the documentary-style, socially sensitive line and the world of peculiar humor: they are about the human behavior, the legitimacy of a given place, old and familiar habits.

If, on the basis of what has been written until now, anyone would still think that Tamás Hajdú is showing a terrible and cruel world, that person will be disappointed. The photographs capture a lot of love, as well as the beauty at the corner of the buildings: animals, plants, landscapes, lights and many small details strangely make this world beautiful and kind: obviously all these also reflect the personality of Hajdú, which shows kindness and sense of humor.

Opening speech by Bodó Julianna cultural anthropologist and professor.

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