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Hugo Kant is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Quentin Le Roux from Marseilles, France. He incorporates and redefines elements from several music genres like jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop, classical music, 70’s rock, and world music to create his own unique style.

Hugo Kant’s rich electronic compositions are created from the ground up, with the help of acoustic instruments, atmospheric samples, penetrating instrumental solos, strong rhythmics, and catchy melodies. He uses a wide variety of traditional and contemporary instruments borrowed from different cultures and music styles in his pieces. His songs are highly emotional and expressive, often telling stories to their listeners.

Meet him at pulzArt, and let him take you for a hypnotic ride with heavy percussion and soulful flute melodies. 

“Hugo Kant has the rigour of a classical music conductor and the creativity of a jazz soloist.” (The Artchimist)

Date: 15th October, Saturday 01:00

Location: Zamat Café

Tickets: 25 earlybird, 35 daily pass

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