This year Zamat Café is our official festival hub & afterparty venue.

Check the programme and the artists, book your ticket for a special price online and see you on the dancefloor!

►►► 13. THURSDAY:

► 22:00 – 01:00 Vinyl Selection with Dobri

After years of collecting music digitally, Dobri decided to get a little more personal with music and play vinyls instead. Thanks to his new hobby he can express another part of his musical self, one which was hidden behind the walls of his room. From brit jazz to trip hop and all the way to world music and tribal rhythms, his musical journey will take you on a trip around the world.

Free entry.


►►► 14. FRIDAY:

► 22:00 Dobri

Dobri’s sets are a mix of the sonic universe of various genres, always striving to experiment with
different melodies. The main ingredients to his eclectic musical journeys are joyful jazz, soul,
funk, world music and disco, but his repertoire also includes female vocal infused dub, trip hop
and hip hop cuts.

► 01:00 Hugo Kant (FR) – Live Act

Hugo Kant incorporates and redefines elements from several music genres like jazz, hip-hop, trip-hop, classical music, 70’s rock, and world music to create his own unique style.

His rich electronic compositions are created from the ground up, with the help of acoustic instruments, atmospheric samples, penetrating instrumental solos, strong rhythmics, and catchy melodies. He uses a wide variety of traditional and contemporary instruments borrowed from different cultures and music styles in his pieces. His songs are highly emotional and expressive, often telling stories to their listeners.

Meet him at pulzArt, and let him take you for a hypnotic ride with heavy percussion and soulful flute melodies.

► 02:30 küb_beat & Perkucigo Live Act

küb_beat is a transylvanian thinker / dj / musician / actor. In recent years he focuses on playing those beats as live as possible with a bunch of synthesizers and samplers and creativity, making electronic music with influences of the breakbeat era and today’s wave sounds. Staying – as an artist – always fresh and in the moment. 

Perkucigo aka Zsolt Fekete (Blacky)

Actor and percussion master searching for contemporary ancient grooves.

▸ Tickets: 35 RON on the door, 25 RON earlybird online HERE.


►►► 15. SATURDAY:

► 22:00 pulzArt DJ Contest winner

So you wanna be a DJ? Or maybe you are secretly mixing in your bedroom? If you are at least 16 years old and feel like stepping behind the decks, we are looking for you to warm up the dancefloor on the upcoming pulzParty! Are you up for the challenge? Then this is your chance to play a 60 minute set on Saturday, Oct. the 15th in Zamat Café!

Details HERE.

► 23:00 Beast

Although his style is strongly based on energetic breakbeat music, Beast likes to improvise at the spot and cover a broad spectrum of broken beats ranging from deep dubstep to liquid drum and bass, possibly spiced with a nu-jazz vibe, some heartbreaking melodies or cheerful vocals, in order to partner with the audience. He strives to tell a musical story, into which he smuggles new genres. As you can imagine, his DJ sets are versatile, melodic and full of lively vocals, making you want to stomp your feet or wander in your thoughts and emotions.

► 01:00 Egoless (HR) – Live Act

From an early age, music was an escape from the harsh reality surrounding Egoless. He combines dub and dubstep music into one organic whole, keeping the foundations of both genres intact while using old Jamaican dub techniques and analogue hardware. After countless successful vinyl & digital releases for respected labels in the scene, he signed and released his highly praised “Empire of Dirt” EP on Mala’s influential DEEP MEDi MUSIK label.

During the pandemic, he decided to rethink his live performance, rebuilding his live rig from scratch, which now includes samplers, modular gear, a looper, as well as a bass guitar. The new setup allows for a much more experimental and improvisational performance.

Through his live act at pulzArt 8, you’ll be transported to a new, exciting, yet strangely familiar universe: a perfect blend of industrial dub sound and elements of glitch, techno, and ambient.

► 02:00 Grid

Grid considers himself a dj since the end of 2007. Coming from Saint George, his first appearances behind the decks were in his hometown at events put together by the Tone Troopers collective, which he co-founded with a group of friends. Soon came invitations to play at gigs around the country in the major cities and festivals. His defining style is drum and bass, in all of its many forms from jungle to neurofunk but in his sets you can also catch some garage, breakbeat or house, whatever catches his interest and moves the crowd.

▸ Tickets: 35 RON on the door, 25 RON earlybird online HERE.


►►► 16. SUNDAY:

► 22:00 pulzArt Afterparty with Tone Troopers & friends

Free entry.

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