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“It’s music that you want to listen to as the sun sets on a warm summer’s evening. It’s music that makes you feel something.”

There is an indigenous tribe in Peru, called the Shipibo, who have a very old tradition in plant medicine healing. In Shipibo language, Noya means flying, while Rao refers to Plant Spirit or medicine. Noya Rao is considered to be the physical embodiment of an enlightened female soul. A very rare tree, of which only a couple is known to exist in the whole Amazon Basin. The tree of pure light and unconditional love, she is the ultimate master teacher plant. Dieting on the tea made from the bark of Noya Rao is known to help people find their life purpose, bless them with ancient knowledge and get clarity on their existence.

During the healing ceremonies, shamans sing medicine songs, called Icaros. It is believed that after building a trusted relationship with the spirit of the master plant, a person is taught Icaros directly by the plant spirit to receive the healing energy and wisdom of the master plant. 

Different Icaros have the power to cheer up or calm down a person, or to clean the negative energies accumulated in the body.

And why is this all relevant, you might ask? Because the closing concert of pulzArt 8 is held by a British band called “Noya Rao”, whose debut album is entitled “Icaros”…

As you might have guessed by now, the band has a very unique sound, not only because of Olivia Bhattacharjee’s dreamy vocals, but also courtesy of Matt Davies’ trip-hop-like polyrhythmic drum play accompanied by Chris Dagger’s smooth basslines and Tom Henry’s joyful melodies on keys.

With a perfect balance of electronic and organic sounds, the band draws upon influences old and new, combining throwback soundscapes with contemporary song-writing.

So is it jazz, hip hop, or electronica? It’s genre-defying, synth-drenched futuristic soul music with a vintage aesthetic.

Prepare your mind and soul to experience some contemporary Icaros!

Date: October 16th, Sunday, 20:00

Location: Tamási Áron Theatre, Main Hall

Tickets: 40 / 20 lei

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