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Originally from Dubrovnik, Croatia, Egoless is a producer and live act artist whose music is heavily influenced by his homeland. After Tito’s death, the republic (part of former Yugoslavia) was slowly preparing for bloodshed, which culminated at the beginning of the 90s, exposing the worst in human beings and turning wickedness into moral authority. From an early age, music was an escape from the harsh reality surrounding Egoless, and very soon, after discovering punk & rock around 1997, he started his first band and did his first gigs from the age of 14.

Since then, he got hooked on dub, reggae, and especially jungle music through Goldie’s “Timeless” album, dedicating himself solely to the Egoless project instead of performing at traditional concerts. He combines dub and dubstep music into one organic whole, keeping the foundations of both genres intact while using old Jamaican dub techniques and analogue hardware.

After countless successful vinyl & digital releases for respected labels in the scene, he signed and released his highly praised “Empire of Dirt” EP on Mala’s influential DEEP MEDi MUSIK label.

During the pandemic, he decided to rethink his live performance, rebuilding his live rig from scratch, which now includes samplers, modular gear, a looper, as well as a bass guitar. The new setup allows for a much more experimental and improvisational performance. 

Through his live act at pulzArt 8, you’ll be transported to a new, exciting, yet strangely familiar universe: a perfect blend of industrial dub sound and elements of glitch, techno, and ambient.

Date: 16th October, Sunday 01:00

Location: Zamat Café

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