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The Kosztolányi Dezső Theatre, of Subotica,was founded over twenty years and it became the most important experimental theatre, so-called “art theatre” of the region, marked by the unique working method, innovative and aesthetic productions of the director, András Urbán,. This artistic approach of  András Urbán’s Roses, presented in 2010, was created on the basis of the writing of Otto Tolnai, which had the same title. Being a continuation of the presentation of Otto Tolnai’s Kisinyovi Rózsa (The Rose of Chisinau), it is a lyrical reconsideration of the non-verbal elements of physical theatre. This peculiarly surreal world of stage, stitched from absurd scenes, is characterised by the series of actions that constantly stimulate the Deja vu feeling of spectators and by the suggestive acting. Rigid desert and glistening paradise. The sleepy book of past-present-future. It is a journey beyond the landscape of moonlight, into the landscape of tapestry, briefcases and disco balls, were pink flamingos are nesting…” It can be also defined as a desire: this is the moment when one feels like he would speak no more, and tries to communicate in some other form.” – declares András Urbán.

András Urbán

Anikó Kiss
Imre Elek Mikes
Gábor Mészáros
Borisz Kucsov

Choreography: Anikó Kiss
Music: Szilárd Mezei

18 September, 18:30, Háromszék Dance Studio

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