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Imagine seven of the best Romanian actors – Chiriac Dorina, Manole Marius, Ghiţă Liliana, Călin Natalia, Teglas Istvan, Antal Cezar, Ţilea Florentina – who have found their long searched author – Masłowska Dorota, a young and seductive voice of contemporary Polish dramaturgy – and their intermediate, Afrim Radu, the person who keeps everybody in motion, in a show with so much poetry, madness, irony and melancholy, to disarm audiences coming from all over the world, even the most frowny person among us.
Imagine that there are no countries, and the entire globe is called Poland, as well as it might be called Romania or Hungary, history wipes the floor with our identities anyway, and time transfigures all of us in different versions of the characters invented by Masłowska Dorota, complemented by Afrim Radu with numerous and sparkling appearances, due to which actors are redistributed with several roles: the metalist-dadaist-nihilist girl, the apathetic and paradoxical sympathetic old-woman, the mother with many nostalgia and little joys, the overweight neighbour prone to bitterness and sometimes to philosophize, transvestites bent on singing, the journalist sexy-professional in awkwardness, the cabaret singer, the Hungarian folk dancers, the movie stars, the agitated-musician and depraved uncle, the hysterical film actor -never casted but everywhere awarded, plus a day of shooting for the film The horse that went horse riding. Imagine, this entire world fits into a single show. All is well with us!
National Theatre of Bucharest / Everything is fine between us by Maslowska Dorota / Translation: Daici Sabra / director and sound universe: Radu Afrim / set design: Moscu Irina / live music: Antal Cezar / video artist: Dimitris Palade.

17 September, 20:00, Tamási Áron Theater – Main Hall

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