Péter Nádas has such a prolific literary activity and numerous awards that the superficial viewer may easily forget that he created something remarkable not only in literature, but also in the area of photography. Following the student years spent at the chemical industry high-school, he started studying photography then journalism. At the beginning of this career he worked as a photo reporter, and only afterwards did he become a freelance writer. Photography thus, has accompanied him from the very beginning, and the hundreds of photos illustrating his novel entitled “Own Death” taken of the pear tree situated in the patio of his house in Gombosszeg, Hungary are a witness thereof.

His entire photography work, of which we shall have a glimpse at the 4th edition of the pulzArt Festival is managed by the Petőfi Literary Museum in Budapest. The key of his photos is “neutral attention” and their subject matter is light and shade, which make us follow the photos instinctively if we keep a neutral attention, if we don’t want anything at all, not even to look – reads one of the works of the renowned writer and photographer.

Inaugurated by Sándor Bazsányi, literary critic

17 September, 4. p.m., Köntés Gallery

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