Director: Zsuzsanna Vass
Genre: short film, dance film
Duration: 6′
Choreography, cast: Noémi Bezsán
Cinematographer, editor: Oscar Ungváry
Music, sound design: Bence Kónya-Ütő
Assistant director: Csilla Nagy
Photo: Volker Vornehm

Noise is a short film by creators from Sepsiszentgyörgy. A female figure in a space, in real or imagined confinement, accompanied by real or imagined noises. It tells the story of a desire to get out of a closed space, in the language of dance.
The work was inspired by the building of the former Tobacco Factory, where time stood still. The film plays with light, body, and time management in this space.

The film was made with the support of the Mayor’s Office of Sepsiszengyörgy in 2022.

Location: Cinema Arta


15 october, Saturday:
16:30 – The Importance Of Being An Architect (70’)
17:50 – Noise (6’) PREMIER
17:56 – The relationship between architecture and art – Discussion with Török Áron, Bordás Szabolcs László Zsigmond Pál architects, and the creators of the Noise short film (Vass Zsuzsanna director-actress, Bezsán Noémi choreographer-performer, Kónya Ütő Bence actor-musician) Moderator: Lázár Prezsmer Endre

16 october, Sunday:
15:30 – The Importance Of Being An Architect (70′)
16:50 – Noise (6′)

The programmes are sold as a package on both days, for which the entrance fee is 10 lei.

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