What can be said about Krisztián Peer, what wasn’t already said before? Perhaps it’s no exaggeration to say that it is rare to encounter an artist with such clarity and self-reflection, who equally speaks of the most intimate moments of his life, the death of his love, who inspired his new volume on the scene of contemporary Hungarian literature and his own place on this “garbage dump” or ” “little pool”.

After fifteen years of literary silence, in 2017, Krisztián Peer indicates with a new volume of verse that he is still alive and has much to talk about. This volume was published at the Jelenkor Publisher, before the 43rd birthday of the author and the anniversary of his loved one’s death, on the Day of Hungarian Poetry.

The poet is visiting the city of Sfântu Gheorghe taking part at the 5th edition of the pulzArt festival, and from the following interview you can also find out why we expect a special experience for this portrayal discussion.


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