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Formed in 2000 in Bristol, United Kingdom, Pickled Image specializes in puppetry, and since its inception, it has gained international recognition for its darkly humorous, inventive and imaginative visual productions that are also of remarkably high quality.

The show coming to Saint George entitled  ’Coulrophobia – Two clowns trapped in a cardboard world’, produced in collaboration with Nordland Visual Theatre has two protagonists, Dik and Adam, who are trying to escape from a surreal cardboard world. We can follow them on a ridiculous, anarchic, often hysterical and sometimes terrifying 75-minute long adventure featuring slaptsick, mime, puppetry, a lot of cardboard and just enough playfulness. The ones who have already seen it guarantee that the term ’fear of clowns’ is lifted to a completely new level by this masterpiece from Pickled Image.

Produced by: Pickled Image and Nordland Visual Theatre
Directed by: John Nicholson
Performed by: Dik Downey and Adam Blake
Concept and Script: Dik Downey, Adam Blake and John Nicholson
Set Design: Pickled Image and Emma Powell
Puppet Making: Dik Downey and Emma Powell
Props and Objects: Emma Powell
Composer and Sound Designer: Simon Preston
Linda Anneveld
Light Design and Technical Solutions:
Jan Erik Skarby, Marianne Thallaug Wedset and Onela Keal
Technician and PR Design:
Onela Keal
Film Maker and Photographer
: Adam Laity
Creative Producer: Vicky Andrews

* The show is in English language (accessible).
** Recommended for ages 16 and over.
*** ATTENTION! The show contains nudity hardly other than disappointing.

Time: IX. 19. ► 20:00 // IX. 20. ► 19:00
Location: Háromszék Dance Studio

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