Who should be the owner of Brâncuși, and more importantly, should he be owned by anyone? The project entitled The Sons and Daughters of Brâncuşi. A Family Saga started from the initiative of Alexandra Croitoru, to which have subsequently contributed several national and international artists. The theme of the exhibition is the myth and the cult built around the sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, as well as understanding and deconstruction thereof. The external legitimation of the artist appears as the main driver of Brâncuşi’s transformation into a national hero. The Brâncuşiean cult intensified with the decades in such a way that today it is often part of the nationalist discourse, or of the forced country branding or national image.
The exhibited creations are works of national and international artists exploring the Brâncuşiean theme, reminding us that in the current Romanian context it is impossible to approach Brâncuși from a purely aesthetic point of view.
“We hope that the context provided by Sfântu Gheorghe will help us understand Brâncuși, and be able to move beyond the rhetoric impregnated with nationalist feelings, and that in the end, visitors will look at the exhibited works and will not think this is a blasphemy but rather interpret them as some cheeky gestures, which are an essential part of critical thinking.” – pointed out Alexandra Croitoru about the exhibition hosted by the ‘Magma’ Contemporary Art Exhibition Space

A project by Alexandra Croitoru in collaboration with Dan Acostioaei, Brynjar Bandlien & Manuel Pelmuș, Simion Cernica, Rafael Dubreu, Teodor Graur, Monotremu, Ciprian Mureșan, Vlad Nancă, Dan Perjovschi, Sergiu Sas, SUPER US, Napoleon & Ștefan Tiron

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