Dan Perjovschi – Perjo – born in 1961 in Sibiu, currently lives in Bucharest and creates works of art all over the world. He is a member of a generation that under the restriction of the regime, created modern art born from intuition and censorship. Dan Perjovschi  is probably the most internationally-renowned Romanian artist, due to his unique and clear Perjo-style: via his sketches, figures, humorous word games, drawn on a wall, on a window, on a shop window, in schools, museums or gatehouse, Perjo debates on various current themes.

During the pulzArt festival we have the chance to get to know two sides of this artist:  Perjo, the creator and Perjo, the thinker, and although these two roles are inseparable, we can meet them in two separate occasions: the participants may observe the creative process of the artist, as watching him draw on a wall in the city center, and Saturday afternoon, from 5, we can participate at the artist talk, held in the Hostel, and listen how he talks about his work, the world and about what preoccupies him at this time.

17 September, 17:00 , Hostel Beer Pub

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