Who would think that one of the most prominent representatives of origami art, linked to Japanese culture, is living in the politically vibrating country of Egypt?
Every form has its function, each having an effect on humans – in OzOz’s view, this is the very essence of paper-folding.

The recurring motif of origami is the crane (bird): during pulzArt, we will see a lot of this form as, according to an old Japanese belief, for those who fold 1000 cranes, the crane will fulfill them a wish. Visitors of the installation will not be only passive viewers of the previously created space, but will create cranes themselves from the materials they will be given on site. The goal is simple: the artist wants, even if in miniature, to take the participants into a journey with the crane, and by folding the bird, he wants them to free the tension they carry with them. The symbolic journey results in spiritual cleansing, being coupled with a deeper exploration of the inner side, of ”me”.
OzOz will have a special interactive installation and workshop event on Friday, September the 14th in the Tamási Áron Theatre from 17:00.

14 September, 17:00 ► Tamási Áron Theatre, Lobby and Main Hall

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