András Cserna-Szabó & Benedek Darida – open discussion

Double or…cooking! – Gastroliterary event with Hungarian writers András Cserna-Szabó and Benedek Darida Join us on a double literary and gastronomic event with writers András Cserna-Szabó and Benedek Darida, who …

Bence Kónya Ütő: soundfield 1.

It’s simple: we transform your movement into sound. No, you don’t have to be a dancer, rather just have to walk around in space. The point is that you influence […]

Levente Benedek: COLL[AGE]

Levente Benedek is a visual artist, who has been the graphic designer of the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre and the Euroregional Theatre Festival Timișoara (TESZT) for ten years. He […]

Levente Benedek: COLL[AGE] WORKSHOP

Everybody collects something: posters, flyers, bracelets, stamps, photos or other paper-based memories. Levente Benedek invites participants to bring their own collection of such memories and make their very own collages […]

Bob Poljakov: Vinyl Audition

“As Bob Poljakov, I have no style. From aerobic to goa: nothing. I play each and love each. The basics are, of course, mahala, Balkan feelings, rhythms. Let’s put it […]

Cédric Hanriot Trio (FR)

Cédric Hanriot is a French pianist, music composer, sound designer, music producer and educator, especially known for his work in the fields of jazz, jazz fusion, hip-hop, funk, latin jazz, […]

Centrul de Teatru Educațional Replika: Limite

All those, who were born in Romania and settled here are actors in an endless comedy. The one-woman show ‘Limite’ (Limits) presents a scene from a “comedy” – or, if […]

Erika Pereszlényi (HU): Reflection Mania

Erika Pereszlényi started out with photography in 2010. At first, she mainly took photos at concerts and other events. From 2012 to 2016 she had been the official photographer of […]

Grecsó Krisztián & Hrutka Róbert: Libikóka

The fusion of literature and music carries its protagonists into a new dimension, where the content transforms, opens up in front of the beholder, it lures us in, takes us […]

Hungarian Theatre of Cluj: Concord Floral

Digital natives, teenagers wearing headphones and mobile phones tell us their stories about their digital habits, problems, their parents’ worries, about experiencing their own sexuality, guilt or exclusion in an […]

Invisible Presence 2.0 – exhibition

The material of the exhibition was selected exclusively from the collections of Ferenczy Museum Centre from Szentendre and of MAGMA Contemporary Art Space from Saint George city. The exhibition consists […]

Invisible Presence 2.0 – workshop

Introduction to contemporary art not only for teenagers Interpretation is always based on experience: any work can touch us, we like it, love it for some reason. Not because it’s […]

Ishmael Ensemble (UK)

In a UK jazz scene bursting at the seams with exciting new talent, Ishmael Ensemble stands out for two reasons. Firstly, they sound entirely and unabashedly Bristolian,¹ which – given […]

Kinga Júlia Király: Recipes of new beginnings

Life, hunger, hope Kinga Júlia Király’s book launch event with food tasting She primarily planned to collect Jewish food recipes from Transylvania, but with these, a number of moving, enlightening, […]

Kinga Kovács – solo exhibition

Kinga Kovács completed her Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in fine arts at the Partium Christian University of Nagyvárad/Oradea. During her university years spent learning graphic design, the young artist had […]

Kordz (GE-CH) – Live with Strings

Known by the stage name ‘Kordz’, Alexandre Kordzaia is a young producer, composer and performer with Georgian and Swiss background. He plays the piano, and also composes classical pieces and […]

Kordz (GE-CH) – Solo Live Act

Known by the stage name ‘Kordz’, Alexandre Kordzaia is a young producer, composer and performer with Georgian and Swiss background. He plays the piano, and also composes classical pieces and […]

MárkusZínház (HU): The History of Aviation

“The Earth – is round!” (MárkusAirline) “There is an art to flying, or rather a twist. The trick lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. […]

Medence Csoport (HU): Re+Concept workshop

Re+Concept design bags from used ad molinos Held between 21–22. September by Hungarian design group ‘Medence’, the Re+Concept design bag workshop is the company’s own development. The workshop provides the […]

Mihály Schwechtje: I hope you’ll die next time :)

Title: I hope you’ll die next time 🙂 Director: Mihály Schwechtje With: Kristóf Vajda, Szilvia Herr, Csaba Polgár, Judit Schell, Pál Mácsai Genre: romantic thriller Language: Hungarian Subtitle: Romanian Age […]

Pickled Image (UK): Coulrophobia

Formed in 2000 in Bristol, United Kingdom, Pickled Image specializes in puppetry, and since its inception, it has gained international recognition for its darkly humorous, inventive and imaginative visual productions […]

Play! MOBILE – community theatre

Five days. Community theatre. Parallel stories. Play! MOBILE turns towns into stages and exhibition spaces, squares and streets of fiction, where anything can happen by the tools of art. The […]

S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture: BETON workshop

Casting concrete objects with S39 Hybrid Design Manufacture During the two-day activity, participants will be involved in the practical steps of concreting, and will also have the opportunity to cast […]

Stories towards interior zero – open discussion with Lavinia Braniște

Lavinia Braniște is a freelance writer, literary translator, invitee at important national and international literary festivals, a founding member of the association of Romanian translators (ARTLIT) and its representative in […]

Tamási Áron Theatre: The Pillars of Society

The protagonist of Ibsen’s ‘The Pillars of Society’ is Karsten Bernick, an important businessman of a small, coastal city, who’s figure is not only significant from a business perspective – […]

Walter Anichhofer (AT): A Taste Of Clown Workshop

► 3 Days of Clown-Discovery with Walter Anichhofer (Austria) ◄ Research on one’s own clown begins by looking for one’s own ridiculous and silly side. Unlike in commedia dell’arte, there […]